Gourmet Coffee

Gourmet coffee beans that are grown under full sun and handpicked, from places like South America, Kenya. Tanzania, Ethiopia, Kintamani Bali, and Indonesia to name a few. The quality standards that the farmer uses are high and they adhere to the strict standards with environmentally friendly processing. The beans are washed in the sun to dry on raised bed, then they are picked, sorted by hand and packaged to be ship to the roaster who roasts them from a light roast to a dark roast. they are roasted the day they ship to you and arrive fresh

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Magical Color Changing Mugs

  • Lightweight Stainless Steel Water Bottle

    Hydrating is essential, why not do it in style? This perfect size stainless steel water bottle has a plastic screw top to keep ones bag dry. For travels, dance classes, or on a desk next to ones laptop - an excellent choice for every occasion. 

  • Stainless Steel Enamel Bowl With Lid in Two Sizes

    Cool hipster chic enamel bowl just waiting for that extra touch. Made from stainless steel and having an anti-slip backing, it comes with a translucent plastic lid. Available in two sizes - 20oz, 30oz,  

  • Oversized Weekender Bag with T-bottom

    Our oversized Weekender Tote is perfect for your weekend at the beach or in town. The wide-mouthed, durable bag holds a generous amount of personal items and is easily held by its thick rope handles.



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